Waste inspection

Normec OWS offers a wide range of waste inspection services, including administrative and technical auditing, litter monitoring, and sorting analyses. Our services can be applied to gain specific insight across many different kinds of waste streams. This includes analysis of waste composition and quantities categorized by the many different types of material found in industrial, electronic, household, or organic waste, and municipal litter.

Normec auditor with tablet.

A precise and detailed approach is an essential part of our Auditing, Controlling & Sorting (ACS) division’s waste inspection activities. Not least because the term waste is subjective and inconsistent: what is waste to one person may not be useful to another. The definition of waste, what falls into waste categories, and what kinds of waste are offered for recycling also varies from country to country. This makes it impossible to extrapolate data from one country to another or from one waste type to another.

Precise and reliable data on the composition of waste are of the utmost importance, especially since waste identification is regularly used to determine and, if possible, optimize waste collection and treatment processes. Normec OWS offers waste inspection services to determine the exact composition of waste executed with the precision and discipline of a laboratory. Our ACS division’s services also include technical analyses and evaluation of waste treatment processes and installations.