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Normec OWS is very actively involved in the development of new international standards related to biodegradability in various environments, organic recovery of waste (composting and anaerobic digestion), and environmental fate and safety. We are therefore at the frontline of new developments, sometimes years ahead of their market introduction. We can help our clients by creating tailored and highly detailed reports with specific information that is of interest to them. These may include information on new standards, market developments, and changes in legislation that can be used for research & development activities or for developing your product and company strategy.

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Is Normec OWS ISO 17025 accredited?

Yes, we are recognized by DIN CERTCO in line with ISO 17025. This accreditation covers all test procedures and standards with regard to compostability and biodegradation. Additionally, we are ISO 17025 accredited by BELAC for our compost analyses and also recognized by TÜV Austria. Normec OWS is also ISO 17020 accredited for inspection services and ISO 14001 approved for environmental management. View our recognitions & certificates.

Where is Normec OWS located?

Our main offices are located in Ghent, Belgium. We also have a subsidiary located in Kettering, Ohio to serve the needs of our American customers.

How long does testing take?

Testing duration depends on the specific type of test and the product itself. This can range from a couple of weeks for material characteristics testing, to months or even years for biodegradation testing. As these are microbial processes, we cannot predict the exact duration beforehand.