Solutions for specific applications

Hands holding small bits of plastic.

Plastics Industry

While many products made by the plastics industry are recycled at end-of-life, biodegradation also offers very interesting solutions for specific applications. This can be the case for plastic products that unintentionally end up in the environment or end-of-life products from the packaging industry that are highly suitable for composting, generating a co-beneficial effect by bringing in more biowaste to organic recycling. At Normec OWS, we can help you explore the different possibilities and find the best solution for your products.

Benefits of biodegradation

Different kinds of man-made material, such as mulch film, body bags, or fishing nets, are products that inevitably end up in an open environment. Biodegradability offers the added benefit that any (fragments) of these products will degrade over a certain period of time, thereby preventing damage to ecosystems and the environment.

In other cases, biodegradability can be applied when products are not suitable for recycling and end up in other kinds of waste stream. Plastic bags for fruit and vegetables are a good example, which could be collected together with organic waste for composting.

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