Recycling of paper waste streams

Person sorting waste.

Paper Industry

Recycling is generally considered the best option for paper waste streams. Yet this process can only be repeated up to six times and depends on the composition and purity of the material. Paper is often part of a multi-component product with many variations, including different materials, additives and coatings. In such cases, biodegradability can offer interesting possibilities for your paper-based products.

Possibilities of biodegradation

How well paper biodegrades depends on its composition and the environment in which it is supposed to break down. Pure paper is made partly of cellulose, which biodegrades easily, and partly of lignin, which is much harder to break down and requires the fungi present in soil or compost to do so.

Specific products, such as wipes and napkins, cannot always be recycled, but are well-suited for managed biological end-of-life waste treatment plants. Whatever the situation, we would be happy to apply our expertise and testing capabilities to help you discover what biodegradability can offer you.

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