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Preparing for the revision of the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive

2025 is just around the corner

Europe demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by reviewing the packaging & packaging waste directive (PPWD) following the ban on certain single-use plastics. This new framework establishes guidelines for the use of compostable materials and will take effect immediately upon adoption.

The proposal is currently being assessed by the European Council and will then be incorporated into the national legislation of each Member State.
In addition, individual Member States have the option of making the regulation even stricter. To comply with this legislation, manufacturers must have their products tested by an independent test lab.

In the white paper:

  • You will see a clear timeline that includes both PPWD deadlines and test lead times.
  • You will receive information about what compostability testing entails and which aspects should be tested.
  • Are tips and tricks to optimize and accelerate the testing and certification process.
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Largest and globally recognized testing partner

Normec OWS hasbeen performing these tests for 35+ years and our team has extensive knowledge in compostability testing. We are also up to speed with all relevant regulations and legislation. We recommend that you start testing now to get your product approved for certification, because these tests can take up to 6 months.

What makes Normec OWS unique?

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